Nasir al-mulk

The nasir al-mulk Mosque is located in city of Shiraz near to  shah-e-cheragh shrine and built in period  of kingdoms qajar by nasir al-mulk

nasir al-mulk mosque
nasir al-mulk mosque

The molding and tiling of Mosque of Nasir al-Mulk are of the most beautiful craftsmanship in Iran. Its most beautiful parts are Taq Morvarid (which means Pearl Ceiling). Taq Morvarid is covered with the most beautiful moldings possible in Iran.

The mosque has a large yard with a large pond in the middle of it. On the north side there is yard vault Pearl

nasir al mulk mosque

the nasir ol mulk mosque has  seraglio and this is division two part eastward and westward.

nasir al-mulk mosque

westward on has tiled sanctuary along 12 columns also this has window colorful glasses with reflection colored light and this cause of the beauty of mosque among other mosque of iran

nasir al-mulk mosque

East bedchamber is not beautiful like westward and it made for winter

Eastward has seven column free design and simple and opposite of eastward there is eight arcades of the courtyard porch has been isolated.

nasir al-mulk mosque

We Think this is Such an amazing place you wont find any other cities like this. Its a nice place can make you feel relax and when you enter you could see There are many people taking just photos.





nasir al-mulk mosque

Named after is founder Mirza Hasan Khan Nasirolmulk, a Qajar nobleman, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque or Pink Mosque is second to none in terms of decorative tiling, The construction of the mosque began in 1876/7 AD and was completed in 1887/8.

There is a big rectangular pool with a stone fountain in the middle of the courtyard.The mosque’s graceful high “Pearl Arch” with its finely tiled surface is on the north side of the courtyard. The elegantly designed decorative muqarnas (a type of corbel employed as a decorative device in traditional Islamic and Persian architecture) is another important architectural feature of the arch. The mosque’s main shabistan is located on the west side of courtyard. Its ceiling is supported by 12 stone pillars in two rows.